July 2001 - In which driving Gus is getting to be a run of the mill affair and Gus wins a trophy! And becomes a charter member of the Long Island Region of the Plymouth Owners Club

I've been doing all kinds of little jobs, such as replacing the rad hoses and starting to wire for turn signals. The big project has been upholstery. My seats and doors have two contrasting fabrics. One is in good shape, the other is rotten. Luckily the rotten parts are all rectangular panels, so using some great cloth I found 8 yards of for $10, I've been replacing those.

Now here's a gas - I've been taking the bus over to the Latin Cruisers Car Club's Monday night cruises. My car is usually the oldest and rattiest one there. But one night, when they were giving out the trophies for the cars, Gus got one! The other winner was a 1963 Rambler in original worn condition. Maybe it was pity night, or maybe these guys with thier home customized slammed 1953 Chevies with flamethrowers appreciate our cars and want to spread the trophies around. So anyway, Gus has a trophy.

Also the Long Island Region of the Plymouth Owners Club, was formed, and I drove 70 miles out there to be part of the first meeting. A good bunch.

Asked Tom to check out the front end, its all pretty good. We'll put tie rod ends, a few new bushing, new shocks and hopefully a new exhaust system on it before leaving for the longest trip yet, the Plymouth Nationals in Newark DE in Spetember.