First ride - April 2001

I headed up US 9 from my house through Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Sleepy Hollow, and turned off for one of my favorite "nearby back roads", Sleepy Hollow Road. Cruised up to Briarcliff Manor and over towards Pleasantville and looped back around to Old Sleepy Hollow Road. That gave it a good workout. I started to remember skills I hadn't used in years, for example, coming around a narrow bumpy turn going uphill on a blind corner and having to downshift halfway through. I eventually got into the swing of it and started understanding the limits of the beast and we were motoring along just fine.

We did about 40 miles on narrow, bumpy, back roads and then came down 9A through Elmsford to find a better fit for the gas filter I had added.

Passing the local high school, the seniors were doing a car wash. I created a stir when I pulled into line with the Toyotas and Audis. The boys from the elementary school who were hanging out with thier big sisters got all excited. Remember, my paint job is crap, so I wasn't concerned about them damaging it.

Then the photographer for the local paper was over to do a few car wash photos and was pretty pleased to be able to use my car as a prop.