The Piano in Traditional Cape Breton Music

Say, who's that fool sitting next to the fiddler? Sure makes a racket!

Why, that's the Cape Breton piano player - the chorder. They provide the percussion and the drive and the harmonic context and basically form the throne on which the fiddle music sits.

And this is the Cape Breton Piano Page. Read and learn. A special thanks to the folks on the Kitchen Céilidh mailing list for thier help. Huge amounts of information on history and players came from Tracey Dares and Paul MacDonald's video tape "A Chording to the Tunes", and from the book "A Cape Breton Céilidh" compiled and editted by Allister MacGillivray. There is very little original research here, except when I add some real research to my "crackpot theory" page.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in the history, theory, or playing of Cape Breton Style piano accompiament. I am an eager student. If you find errors, lies, damn lies, ommissions etc etc etc within these pages, please do call it to my attention!

Le gach beannachd,
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