Jerusalem, Feb 20-25 2003

Mea Shirim - where the good guys wear black hats (unless you vote Shinui...)

This the so-called "ultra orthodox" neighborhood. In many ways not much different from Williamsburgh or Boro Park in Brooklyn. Tough to take pictures here because the residents do not appreciate being a tourist site. I know how (and how much to) blend in a place like this, but part of it was not taking pictures of everything I wanted to.

It was here that suddenly big wet heavy snowflakes started falling. It was a weekday morning and I was on a corner with 2 boys schools and 1 girls school, and a huge shriek went up for all three corners as suddenly thousands of yeshiva bokers and beis Yakkov talmidim leaned out the windows, screaming, waving thier hands. Up the street, an adult study, normally one of the most sober places on earth, flung open its doors and professional students ran into the streets, thier black kapotes becoming polka dotted with white as they jumped up and down, pais flying, Talmud studies left aside for a moment.

Corner Store

Rehov Yacov Efrav

Rehov Yoel


Street in Snow


Street Snow

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