Jerusalem, Feb 20-25 2003

Walking on the Ramparts of the Walls of the City

In peacetime it was breifly possible to walk the entire ramparts all the way around the city. I just walked about half of the southeast corner. Views are tremendous and there are plenty of places to pour boiling oil on the invaders below if need be.

Brave little plants grow out of cracks in the walls, one of the most common is rosemary, you can grab a bit and crush it with your fingernails and get a good strong whiff.

Looking Back At Western Wall

Looking Back At Western Wall2

Mt Scopus Old Cemetary

Mt Scopus Old Cemetary 2

Overlooking Ophel


Rosemary Growing in the Wall

View from Ramparts 1

View from Ramparts 2

View from Ramparts 3

Wall Flower

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