Cape Breton Piano: Betty Lou Beaton

Betty is from Judique and plays in a flowing, dense syncopated style. She frequently accompanies her spouse Kinnon Beaton, and has played for many other over the years.

She is also known to be an excellent and patient teacher of aspiring chorders. She has taught for several summers at the Céilidh Trail School of Celtic Music in Inverness.

The way Betty tells it, she started playing piano when her older sister left for university and someone else was needed to chord for her brother, Buddy MacMaster. She made her living for many years as an elementary school teacher. She recently retired from that and now works with Kinnon at the family clothing store in Port Hawksbury.

An excellent example of her work may be found on the CD "Saturday Night Lively", featuring Kinnon and Betty Beaton.

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