Cape Breton Piano: Jackie Dunn

Jackie Dunn is from Antigonish County and is better known as a great fiddler - but she's a fine piano player as well.

She is from Lower South River and was born in 1969. Jackie started playing when she was 4, and she studied fiddle with Stan Chapman. She is music teacher and lives in Judique and can frequently be found performing at local céilidhs.

The MacEachern Family, from which Jackie descends, is related to Dan Hughie MacEachern, Howie MacDonald and Theresa, Marie and Donald MacLellan. Through the Dunn family, she is relayetd to David MacIsaac and Archie Neil, Angus, Cameron, and Maybelle Chisholm.

Besides comping on records by Brenda Stubbert, Wendy MacIsaac, and others, Jackie released her debut album Dunn to a T in 1995.

She has taught at Céilidh Trail School of Celtic Music and The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts & Crafts .

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